Customized Kraft paper Stand up Pouch for Coffee Beans and Snacks

Short Description:

Customized Printed Compostable PLA Packaging Pouches with Zip and Notch, Kraft paper laminated.

With FDA BRC and food grade certificates, very popular for coffee beans and food packaging industry.

Product Detail

Product Tags

Accept customization

Optional Bag type
Stand Up With Zipper
● Flat Bottom With Zipper
● Side Gusseted

Optional Printed Logoes
 With Maximum 10 Colors for printing logo. Which can be designed according to clients’ requirements.

Optional Material
 Kraft Paper with Foil
● Glossy Finish Foil
 Matte Finish With Foil
 Glossy Varnish With Matte

Product Detail

ustomized Printed Compostable PLA Packaging Pouches with Zip and Notch

Stand up pouch with zipper, manufacturer with OEM &ODM , with food grades certificates food packaging pouches,

Bag size reference

Kraft paper stand up pouches, same as kraft paper stand up bag, which are very popular in flexible packaging.

Kraft paper stand up pouches are normally used for coffee and tea packaging. And it become more and more popular in pet food packaging. Powder goods and other food products, It has 4 printable surfaces to allow the package to be displayed in different angels, which can give retailers more options for shelf display and better to show and represent the brands and the products.

Kraft paper stand up pouches is laminated with kraft paper, other function material and plastic films together. To make the pouches to preserve and protect your products from the damaging effects of air, moisture, All material with food grade tests and FDA approval. Which are very safe for food packaging.

Stand up pouch is an innovative ideal container for different solid, liquid and full powdered foods and non foods, Barrier clear stand up pouch with metallic basic colors. Laminated material with food-grade can helps to keep food fresh for longer time than other ways. Stand up pouch with two big side surfaces, which can be made with our own design, displaying our goods attractive logos and brand, display the goods themselves. And catch customer’s eyes. This is retailer’s advertising effect.

Stand up pouch also can help us to save shipping costing since the stand up pouch takes up the least space on storage and shelves, Worried about your carbon footprint? Compared with traditional bag-in-box containers, cartons or cans, the materials used in these eco-friendly bags can be reduced by up to 75%!



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