Amazing Coffee Packaging

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During the recent years, Chinese people's loving for coffee is increasing year by year. According to the statistics data, The penetration rate of white-collar workers in first-tier cities is as high as 67%, More and more coffee scenes are appearing.

Now our topic is about coffee packaging, Danish famous coffee brand- Grower’s Cup, A coffee artifact has been introduced by them, Portable coffee brewing bags, Made of PE coated paper, the bottom layer with Coffee dressing layer, The middle layer composed of filter paper and ground coffee, Top left is the mouth of coffee pot, Transparent white space in the middle of the bag back, Easy to observe water volume and coffee strength, unique design allows hot water and coffee powder to fully mix together. Perfectly preserve the natural oils and flavors of coffee beans through filter paper.


Regarding the unique packaging, how about the operation?  The answer is very easy to operate, firstly tear off the pull strip on top of the brewing bag, after injecting 300ml of hot water, reseal the pull strip. Unscrew the mouth cap after 2-4 minutes, you may enjoy delicious coffee. Regarding the kind of coffee brewing bag, it is easy to carry and internal flushing. And the kind packaging can be reused since new ground coffee can be added. Which are suitable for hiking and camping. 


Coffee packaging : why are there holes in coffee bags?


The air-bleed hole is actually a one-way vent valve. After roasted coffee beans will bring a lot of carbon dioxide, the function of the one-way exhaust valve is to discharge the gas generated by the coffee beans out of the bag, In order to ensure the quality of coffee beans and eliminate the risk of bag inflation. In addition, the exhaust valve can also prevent the oxygen from entering the bag from the outside, which will cause the coffee beans to oxidize and deteriorate.

Post time: Feb-17-2022